Our History

Catholic Hospital Wamba is located in Samburu East sub –county the hospital serves the population of Samburu County and its environs through the provision of preventive, Promotive and curative health services. Owned by the Registered Trustees of Catholic Diocese of Maralal. It is governed by a Board constituted of co-opted members and managed on a day to day by the Hospital Management Team  headed by the Diocesan Finance Administrator.

Founded on 13th April 1969 by Padre Della Consolata, with 38 beds capacity under the management of Dr. Silvio Prandoni (a specialist in tropical diseases) with support of consolata sisters who served as the first nurses. Initially the hospital had only sterile theater,one dispensary and two medication rooms. As demand for healthcare grew , the hospital and the services it offered also grew: A radiology unit and intensive care unit were created and the wards were also extended.

The Hospital has grown to be a de-facto referral hospital with a 200 bed capacity and a reputation for quality services delivery and for addressing the social as well as medical needs of the poor. The Hospital is known for providing health care with a human face as well as for excelling in areas of specialized medical services. It currently operates other peripheral three health centers and seven dispensaries.