Mission Department

I wish to acknowledge that the Wamba Catholic Mission Hospital since its foundation has had the spiritual/ pastoral and other well being aspects of the patients, their families and staff well taken care of. This is done as the sisters are moved by the spirit of Mercy- which is that within us that motivates us to respond with compassion to the suffering of others. Hence at different times the trustees have engaged specific chaplains from particular congregations to work mainly in the chaplaincy. However, in keeping with the growth and the needs of the Hospital, the Priest Maralal Diocese added the Mission and Strategic Effective Leadership department at the hospital which came to existence in the last quarter of the year 2016.

The Mission department is meant to show God’s Mercy, as the compassionate presence of God by being the conscience of the Hospital as it integrates the Mission and Philosophy of the Sisters  at all times. In Being and Living  this department is to ensure that the Wamba Catholic Mission Hospital becomes ‘The Hospital of Choice’ which promotes life in its fullness by providing Holistic Healthcare services inspired by the Mercy Values in the Catholic tradition.  In keeping with the signs of the times this new ministry will progress in a spirit of discernment of our mission in our time and in our evolving universe. This will be made possible by having as our focus the core values namely Christ-Centered, Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Compassion which are rooted in the morals, ethics and teachings of the Catholic Church as the guiding principles.

In order to understand this department in its totality I wish to give in brief the two directorates contained therein. Mission Effectiveness Program has the primary role of encouraging, promoting and ensuring full integration of the ethos and mission at every level of the hospital. It shall achieve this by grounding people in a clearer understanding of the catholic health care ministry and to strengthen their commitment to a dedicated service.

On the other hand the Mission Strategy directorate can be understood by taking into consideration the definition of its key word strategy- which is a method or plan chosen to bring about a desired future, such as achievement of a goal or solution to a problem. This programme assures the alignment of all aspects of hospital departments with the mission and ethos of Mater and aims at assisting in the definition and integration of mission into the plans, policies and processes that affect the hospital’s operations and strategic direction.