Information for Donors

A gift to the Hospital represents an investment in the lives and future of Samburu County Residents. A gift ensures that the Hospital’s tradition of medical excellence continues and that patients and families receive the best possible care and support.

It also allows medical researchers to advance their work, to apply their medical findings at the patient’s bedside, and to share these discoveries in the classroom and with the local medical community. The Hospital welcomes your inquiries.

Director Wamba Catholic Mission Hospital

Finance Wamba Catholic Department

How to Donate:

Your valuable contribution and donation to this worthwhile organization can be sent through the options below: –

1. Bank Transfer

2.M-PESA-Our PayBill Number is:853918

3. Through your Donation to our M-PESA/Bank account

1. You can feed ONE orphan for US $199 a year.

2. You can treat one patient who needs Outpatient service for US $150 per year.

3. To feed an HIV Client daily for US $150 per year

4. To reimburse a poor pregnant mother for her Antenatal visits throughout the year for US $70 per year

5. Delivery for a very poor pregnant mother for US $60

6. Delivery for an HIV positive mother for US $60

7. Treat a diabetic patient (on oral medication) for the whole year at only US $ 499

8. Treat a diabetic patient (on insulin) for the whole year at only US $ 580

9. Treat a patient with high blood pressure for the whole year at only US $ 390

For further enquirIes kindly use our contact us