About Us

Catholic Hospital Wamba is a Tier 3 (Level 4) hospital located in Samburu East-Sub County. The hospital serves the population of Samburu County and its environs through the provision of preventive, promotive and curative health services.

Founded in 13th April 1969 by Padre Della Consolata with a 38 beds capacity under the management of Dr. Silvio Prandoni (A specialist in tropical diseases) with support of Consolata sisters who served has the first nurses. Initially the hospital had only one sterile theatre, one dispensary and two medication rooms. As the demand for healthcare grew the hospital and the services it offered also grew; a radiology unit and intensive care unit were created and wards were also extended.

In 1970s a number of Italian Ophthalmologists begun to help out has Volunteers the first being Prof. Tannin, Prof. Giovanni Rama and Prof. Gale Aziz, as time went others joined especially specialists in Orthopedics and Gynecology. There interventions permitted the hospital to upgrade in just a short time, offering operations such as Cornea transplant and Hip replacement which were considered complicated at the time, more over the specialist fund-raised and procured medical equipment’s and medicines this allowed the hospital to expand not only physically but also in the higher number of services and interventions it could offer.

The hospital has grown to be a de-facto referral hospital with a 200 bed capacity and a reputation for quality service, it is known for providing healthcare with a human face as well as for excelling In areas of specialized care thanks to the various specialists who have dedicated time and resources to volunteer Notable among them, but not limited to Dr.Oscar Sola-Gynecologist, Dr. Pino Pesce-General surgeon, Prof. Paulo Rebesan-Orthopedic surgeon, Mrs Katia Lancerotto- midwife, Dr. Paolo Fugazzola- Dentist, the Spanish team of Ophthalmologist, the dental and Ophthalmologist team from Poland


Mission Statement:

To live the healing mission of Christ within Samburu County and beyond by caring for the sick and promoting the health of the residents in the community while witnessing the Christian values of respect, dignity , caring and compassion for all persons , with special focus on the vulnerable in the society.

 Vision Statement:
To be a hospital with unwavering commitment in providing health care,  and promoting and fostering comprehensive community wellness in Samburu county and beyond

Our purpose is to provide ‘Access to quality healthcare for all who need it, regardless of their economic status’ – because we believe that a healthy population is a prosperous one.