Fears of the new Coronavirus in Kenya

Kenya is stepping up surveillance amid fears of the deadly virus that recently originated from China according to the ministry of health.

The ministry said that All passengers entering Kenya from China will undergo thorough screening for the new flu-like virus before being allowed into the country.

The Coronavirus has put the world on high alert, with countries increasing fever checks at airports amid fears of a bigger outbreak.

Panic is growing globally as deaths rose to nine on Wednesday, with more than 470 confirmed cases.

The first case of the infection has been reported in the United States after a man from Washington State returned home after a trip to Wuhan, China, on January 15, and sought medical attention on January 19. He is now in isolation at Providence Regional Medical Centre in Everett, Washington.

Chinese health authorities have warned people not to travel to the city of Wuhan amid concerns that the virus could mutate and spread further.

Officials are working on the assumption that the outbreak resulted from human exposure to wild animals being sold illegally at a food market in Wuhan, and the virus is mutating, Gao Fu, an academic of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and head of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control (CDC), told a news conference.

The Chinese strain suspected to have come from animals is depicted as a “cousin” of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus and a scientist who first decoded it thinks it started in an animal before being spread to humans.

The virus is reported to be a new strain of Coronavirus, which causes a type of pneumonia, and can pass from person to person, China confirmed.

The US National Institute of Health (NIH) announced on Tuesday that it is working on a vaccine. It would, however, take a few months until the first phase of the clinical trials get underway and more than a year before a vaccine might be available.

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